To Save Islam

To Save Islam

By Richard J.R. Miles Copyright  26th Febuary 2012

To Save Islam



This is a brief  description of what I expand on in the following text. I apologise for my ignorant repetitiveness, although the Quran is not without repetition. It is difficult but the best I can do.

Muslims are left to their own devices in the free world to pick and choose parts of the Quran that suit their life or cause. Most of the Quran does not represent the true direction and feelings of the majority of peaceful, free, moderate modern Muslims. This is reflected in the countries that try to dictate ancient Islamic law, which clearly shows why religion must be kept private and separate from law and order.

The Quran contains chapter and verse as it were that are stuck firm in the medieval times of barbaric Arabia and cannot evolve because of the inferred ancient rigidity of the Quran, which if not attended to together with sharia law will see the eventual demise of Islam. All of the parts that refer to ancient times should be moved to the history of Islam back where they came from, leaving a true religion of peace for all as Mohammed would have wanted.


It is long past the time for peaceful moderate Muslims to claim back their religion of peace for all. There has to be a redirection of Islam as it is clear that Islam in its present form is not acceptable to anyone other than male chauvinists and militant religiose terrorists, who thrive on and enjoy the insular direction Islam has gone. This is the way Islam unfortunately appears to a non Muslim with the misguided Muslim youth and their emotionally ignorant elder religiose exploiters, all carried and spurred along by one another in a rebellious, violent, youthful and ignorant way. The  gangsters of Islam, us and them. This leaves the moderate peaceful Muslims helpless to prevent them and bear the brunt of their behaviour.

Islam needs to be reset or steered back on a peaceful path if it is to survive, or otherwise face being banished from the free world. I would not mind which but for the continuing fear, cruel threat of violence, misery and loss of life which is appalling and unacceptable. This behaviour maybe ok in Iran with dictator rule for the time being for example, but it has no place in the free peaceful, civilised world, which although has plenty of problems, including the Islamic one, it is nevertheless free for people to enjoy peacefully.

In the barbaric medieval times in Arabia there were two options, take over or be taken over by whoever ruled at the time. This was the way of empires and the bigger the empire the better it would survive. This was the world Mohammed was faced with. He found it necessary to leave Mecca and go to Medina, where he was able to establish sufficient force to return to Mecca and take control. Such was the basis of the Quran, most of which no longer applies to the modern civilised free world today. The world has evolved and survival of a religion or belief can no longer be secured by mental fear or physical force. The Catholics had to realise that and so too must all Muslims, whether they like it or not.

Any force from religion or a belief is unacceptable.


I think Mohammed was a peaceful visionary of his time and place bringing some kind of law and order to a hopelessly barbaric medieval Arab nation, and although a compromise, I am sure he was satisfied by what he had achieved in his day when empires ruled nations, However, I am also sure that if he returned today in many ways he would not be happy with the way things have turned out.

It is obvious that the free world is far from perfect but Islam is not acceptable in its present form, it is now out of its time and place. I am sure Mohammed would want to update it if he were able, re-establishing it as a religion of peace for all without exception.
No one should want to stop anyone’s peaceful personal belief, and I do not know of anyone who would. However, the underlying violent, hateful, vengeful threat is intolerable and must be removed to history where it belongs. It is no good anyone claiming today for example that they are a peaceful Nazi, or a black loving K.K.K. It just won’t work and neither will the Quran, an Islam with its threat and prejudices and that is without considering sharia law. Change or be ignored or even banned, Mohammed would have realised that.



I think for the sake of Islam, the peaceful Muslims of the free world  should  select and separate the relevant parts from the medieval based Quran that apply to the modern free world, making Islam the peace for all as originally intended. This should  be achieved by peaceful suggestions but they will eventually have to remove all threat, intolerance and prejudices from their religion. Islam today at best is only a religion of peace to fellow Muslims of the same sect, for example a Sunni not a Shia and vice versa. The problem of female equality will also have to be addressed as part of the acceptance and tolerance without prejudice to everyone. It has to be made clear that threat is no longer acceptable. The days of any religion or dictator threatening to take over the world by force have long gone, the United Nations have managed to achieve that and all Muslims need to accept that, just as the Catholics had to realise threatening killing the non Catholics did not work and although some were reluctant to stop they eventually had to, but not before even more innocent lives were lost. I personally cannot support any religion built on fear, especially without remorse for their past wickedness.

So how to go about it? A date needs to be set in the U.K for Islam to show the intent to be reaffirmed as a religion of peace in the modern free world. This should occur sooner rather than later which will start the ball rolling for the rest of the free world to follow. This task seems at first formidable, who in the not too distant past would have thought the Catholics would stop their threat, cruelty and slaughtering? But eventually they had to. The same must occur for Islam if it is to survive in what is becoming a more and more intolerant world. No longer tolerating fear, cruel threat, pain and killing, no slavery, racism, ageism, sexism, Nazi or K.K.K etc or any prejudice. So to all Muslims, ask yourselves why should the medieval nastiness and fear of Islam be anymore acceptable to people of the free world than any other prejudice?

Having set a date here is what I think should happen. Before that date, literate Arabs of the majority of peaceful Muslims in the U.K or even better, Europe or the World, but whoever they are need to sit down with various independent non believers and go through  the Quran and separate the medieval no longer applicable parts and leave them in the old Quran of the violent past, leaving the peaceful parts for what will be the new peaceful Quran with  English and other translations. This would make the parts in the old Quran the Islam of the past, leaving parts applicable in the new Quran to redirect Muslims to a modern genuine Islam of peace that Mohammed would have wanted. The Quran after all was not a book when Mohammed was alive and he was unable to read or write. But I am sure it would have been his wish to update it peacefully if he could as he did when he was alive, he was not a tyrant that some Muslims have been and some still are. Stop them before it is too late for this religion of peace.

The modern acceptance of any belief is that you can believe in what you like as long as you do not impose in anyway your belief on others. If you do be warned, as there are many emotionally weak and vulnerable people that need help and  legal protection  from you, including  children which  they will have, if not now then in the future.

Why pick on the Quran and not the bible you may say. Obviously because the bible is a complete mess of fictitious stories picked over and translated, passed on and on and retranslated  etc, which reminds me of an old first world war story which is a message passed down the line to the base, which started out as “Send reinforcements, we are going to advance” but by the time it got to the base it ended up as “Send three and four pence we’re going to a dance”. The Quran is an instruction book written in medieval times for barbaric Arabs in a clear and easy to understand language,  followed  word for word by some as if they too were stuck in those times but living  in the modern peaceful civilised world. How bizarre that it is only these religiose, obsessed, medieval extremists that claim to be the only genuine Muslims who follow the Quran as it was intended, word for word. Where as of course the moderate, peaceful Muslims do not and therefore, according to the religiose obsessed extremists the  peaceful moderates have no right to argue against  them as they are not true Muslims as they believe Mohammed intended. So they carry on living as if in the medieval past barbaric Arabian way, but in the peaceful free world which they clearly cannot and will not continue to for much longer. However, what these extremists cannot or do not want to realise as I have said before is that Mohammed was a man of peace, and this was the only way his religion could have survived in his day. Today he would have been more astute than modern extremists have given him credit for, and he would have realised that for his religion to continue such violence, threat, cruelty and death was no longer necessary and needed to be rested in history where it belongs. So in order for peaceful free Muslims to reclaim their religion of peace for all and for Islam to survive in the free world, all of the intolerance and prejudice to non Muslims must be separated and left in the old Quran. For example, it is no longer necessary to need to know how to behave in the presence of the Prophet, or kill and share out the booty, take slaves, make friends if you have to with non Muslims, but when you do not have to be friends anymore, give them chances to become  Muslim, but if they still do not want to , what then?  Kill the infidel, Jews and apostates etc.

If you as a Muslim want Islam to survive then it has to evolve into a religion of peace for all, without threat to anyone, which it is very clear at the moment that it cannot. As it stands it is stuck in the past like its fanatics with its continued, unstoppable legacy of fear, cruelty and death. I understand that there has always been killers, murderers, rapists, thieves, criminals and extremists, but Islam is powerless as it stands to deter, discourage or prevent its own, in fact quite  the reverse. The few spoiling it for the many peaceful Muslims, who at present are helpless to stop them.

If Islam is to survive in the civilised peaceful free world, change is necessary, and as I have said it is long past the time for peaceful moderate Muslims to reclaim their religion of peace for all.

You as a peaceful Muslim do not wait until it is too late, and you are tarred with the same brush of prejudice, just as the non violent Germans were prejudiced as hateful Nazis. That is what will eventually happen to Muslims. I know some Muslims have started to experience this rebuttal of nastiness already, and understand what I am saying. It is clear Islam cannot evolve into a religion of peace for all. The way it is, Islam will not fix itself without help and you will be surprised how much non Muslim help you will get. No excuses. Just do it. Make a start,

You know what is right. Just as Mohammed would have wanted, peace for all in a peaceful civilised free world.

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