Some of the people that live in our world have big problems with themselves and others. These need to be exposed to try and resolve them peacefully rather than ignoring them, as they will not go away.

Perhaps it is my purpose to help all people live in peace.

When Voyager 1 the spacecraft was launched in 1977, it contained various messages to describe our world should any alien find it. The then General Secretary of the United Nations Kurt Waldheim optimistically said on behalf of the world, that part of the message read ‘I send greetings on behalf of the people of our planet. We step out of our solar system seeking only peace and friendship.’ It is a shame all the people of our overpopulated and out of control world do not share his view, and treat one another like that, but perhaps, just perhaps one day they will.

In looking into the various problems, which some people have in coming to terms with life, including myself, I have found an approach which although is hypothetical, I think it is how we all are. You may find it helpful for yourself or perhaps others.

It is titled ‘My Philosophy of Psychology’ by Richard JR Miles.

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